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Reading at Home


Empty Classroom


Second Year students are expected to attend every class, and be punctual. We understand that, at times, situations arise that are outside of your control, and there’s grace for that, but we ask for communication with school leaders if you know you will be running late or unable to make class.


All students are allowed five (5) absences to use as they feel necessary. Three (3) tardies (being late) equal one (1) absence. Any absences that may occur beyond the given amount must be discussed with school leadership. Going over the allowed absences may result in not being able to graduate.



Half of the books assigned in Second Year students are specific books chosen by the leaders to reinforce the main theme of each trimester, and the other half are hand-selected by each mentor specifically for the student in the area they're wanting to grow in and/or feel called to. Students are expected to read the books, write a report (guidelines will be given), submit it  by the due date, and be prepared to discuss them.


While reading can be challenging for some, this season is meant to stretch and equip you, and as students you will be expected to embrace that. The cost of your books is included in tuition.

Doing Homework


The homework has been carefully and intentionally created with your spiritual, emotional, and mental health in mind. Our leaders are willing to help you however you may need, even if it's to help you create a realistic time management plan to help set you up for success.


All homework will have guidelines and due dates, and you will submit via the class app. It is expected that your homework will be turned in on time.


If your assignment is not turned in on time, or you are excessively late with turning homework in, or you are not caught up by the homework milestones, you may not be able to attend class until it is turned in.

Drinking Coffee


Tribe is NOT a requirement for Second Year students (unless you are interning for a Tribe pastor). However, since many of our students grow to love the Tribe environment, we are willing to let the Second Year students attend and participate (as well as serve the Tribe pastor) as long as they commit to being consistent. This is to help not disrupt the safe, family atmosphere that Tribe creates, and continue the trust and relational bonding amongst all students and leaders.

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Kingdom Convergence holds one weekend encounter conference each month. Students get to attend all of the events held during the school year for free, with the understanding that you will also be serving leadership wherever they may need you. It is expected that every student will attend at least three of these weekend encounters + our two annual conferences, One Spirit | One Family + One Spirit | One Mission, during the school year. These events will both equip you and give you the opportunity to serve and grow in ministry experiences.

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