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The Second Year course of study in the Identity Trimester focuses on building on what student’s have discovered about their identities as Sons and Daughters in their First Year studies. Students will move from places of healing and building in their identities, to stepping into confidence and authority as children to carry the Name of their Father everywhere they go


In Second Year, the Kingdom Foundations Trimester shifts from church history and foundational theology, to start to put these practices in place to build lives centered on being disciples of Jesus. Students will take deep dives into the core meanings of Scripture, looking at the Hebrew and Greek meanings, and learn how to apply true Discipleship practices to their lives.


The Final Trimester of the school year continues to focus on the practical life application of putting the experiences, personal discoveries, and Biblical foundation students learn in the first two Trimesters, into action. Second Year students will not only participate in Evangelism Outreaches, but will also be expected to help lead by example as we go out and bring Gospel to the people.