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In the first trimester of the year, we’ll dive into what it really means to be the sons and daughters of God. What is our inheritance? What were we created for? What did Jesus' sacrifice cover? You'll gain confidence, learn how to create healthy boundaries, manage your emotional health, find healing for your heart, and fall in love with who God made you to be! This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we build a foundation of truth for the year.


In the second trimester, we’ll be looking at the rich history we have as believers. What is the legacy of revival we have access to? Where has the Church gone wrong in the past? What has the Church gotten right? How do I develop a personal theology rooted in the Kingdom and not legalism or religion? This trimester will help you

define and defend what you believe, why you believe it, and where you fit into the Body of Christ.


In the final trimester of the year, you will be empowered to start “doing the stuff!” With an identity rooted in truth and an understanding of the bigger picture of God’s history with the Church, we will work out what it looks like to be naturally supernatural today, by doing what’s always been meant to be the normal Christian life. What would it look like if you were truly aware of God's Presence with you at all times, so you could step out in boldness to prophesy over your co-workers? How would your community be impacted if you knew you had the power to see people healed and delivered in your everyday life? Is it possible to share the Gospel without fear or being weird? (Spoiler: it IS!) This last trimester will not only empower you to bring revival to your community, but understand how to sustain it through God's greatest dream

and creation: family

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